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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has become an infamous condition which has previously baffled the medical establishment. Doctors simply can’t treat the condition due to a lack of information regarding its origins – however this could change today. A week ago, a study was released by Cornell University whereby researchers used anonymous stool samples & blood tests from patients to determine whether or not they had chronic fatigue… without any personal contact with the hosts! They were able to make assumptions which of the samples’ hosts, almost 90 people (48 with CFS & 39 healthy controls), had CFS with estimates proving correct an astonishing 83% of the time! 

Not only does this breakthrough offer a non-invasive testing process for CFS (technical name myalgic encephalomyeletis or ME) but it also highlights the significant link between poor gut microbiota populations & overall health! CFS typically leaves suffered exhausted after normal exercise activities with rest not able to alleviate the problem – time has been the only prescription thus far but with this new knowledge from Cornell, a more profound & targeted approach mightn’t be far away.

“Our work demonstrates that the gut bacterial microbiome in CFS patients isn’t normal, perhaps leading to gastrointestinal and inflammatory symptoms in victims of the disease. Furthermore, our detection of a biological abnormality provides further evidence against the ridiculous concept that the disease is psychological in origin,” said Maureen Hanson; senior author of the study. Researchers found that in those patients with CFS markers, there was less microbial diversity & a higher instance of pro-inflammatory microbes & a lower instance of those species known to be anti-inflammatory.

The researchers also discovered that there were increased inflammatory markers within the blood of CFS patients – most likely due to an increase in intestinal permeability (leaky gut) due to altered microbiota populations (as I write about in The Gut Healing Protocol). 

Ludovic Giloteaux, first author of the study, was optimistic about the implications of the study. “In the future, we could see this technique as a complement to other noninvasive diagnoses, but if we have a better idea of what is going on with these gut microbes and patients, maybe clinicians could consider changing diets, using prebiotics such as dietary fibers or probiotics to help treat the disease.”

As I put forward in my book, The Gut Healing Protocol, rebalancing the populations of your gut microbiota can be done naturally through eating whole foods & by taking a smart, targeted, specific approach for your unique body. Certainly for those who are suffering from CFS/ME, rebalancing their microbiome could prove to be a very powerful step toward healing. As Dr McBride puts it – the gut can then become a source of nutrition instead of a source of toxicity.

As more studies on CFS & the microbiome come to light, expect a new approach to this condition to arise. Stay tuned.


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