Praise for The Gut Healing Protocol

Dr Nick Gentile

I expected big things from Kale’s Gut Healing Protocol, yet even still I was surprised and amazed by the results. Not only did I lose 9kgs, improve my energy, fortify my immune system and greatly speed up my recovery from exercise, but most importantly my digestion improved out of sight. I’m now free of the stomach pain and bloating that I experienced on a daily basis and I’m looking forward to maintaining the changes I’ve put in place long into the future! I can’t recommend this program highly enough.


Taela Old 

I thought I was doing right by my body, I was exercising a lot between work shifts and I thought I was “eating healthy” but I started to gain a lot of weight. I was experiencing terrible pains in my stomach as well as bloating, and I was struggling with constant fatigue. I knew I had to change my lifestyle but I had no idea where to start since I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

Then a miracle happened! I was introduced to the idea of doing Kale Brock’s Gut Healing Protocol. I was initially really scared of the idea but I decided to give it a shot.

As I discovered, coupling this Gut Healing Protocol with my exercise programs, my whole lifestyle changed dramatically. I noticed in a very short amount of time that my mind was improving as well as my body image! Since finishing the gut cleanse I have no desire to go back to how I was eating beforehand because I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been!

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Tori Plunkett

I am 24 year old female who has suffered for 10 years with stomach ulcers, severe food sensitivities, intestinal parasites and digestive issues. As I work with children, I was constantly picking up colds and throat infections and forever frustrated that I had a weak immune system. As a result, I was lethargic, regularly got headaches and had to take days off work due to my health. Inevitably, this significantly impacted my social and work life, as well as my relationships and emotional wellbeing.

I have been to endless doctors, specialists, tried numerous elimination diets and herbal alternatives, however nothing seemed to work. In March 2015, I finally began working with Kale’s Gut healing Protocol; it was a holistic approach to improving my gut health and strengthening my immune system. Due to his comprehensive knowledge, resources and motivation to help me, he taught me a maintainable way to go back to basic primal living and how to nourish my body through diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

I can honestly say that Kale has changed my life in as little as two months. I have not had any stomach issues or headaches for 7 weeks, feel satisfied and nourished after meals and am more confident in myself. As a result, I have more energy, am motivated to exercise and have a more optimistic attitude towards work.  In addition, I have the physical and mental ability to socialise again and a more positive outlook on life. The Gut Healing Protocol has motivated me to listen to and nourish my body, and has given me the confidence to pass on this knowledge to my friends, family and the children that I teach.

I have never met someone my age that is more genuine, and passionate about helping others and sharing their knowledge. His infectious personality and positive approach to his work is very comforting and his on going support is motivating and inspiring.


Natasjha Rimington from Nourished By Tash

It took me 12 months to attempt my first ferment. I found the idea of leaving vegetables out of the fridge for 8 weeks scary and gross. My first ferment was sauerkraut and it was a disaster, the house smelt like fart for a week and put me off cabbage for weeks. I don’t know quite what went wrong but it took another three months for me to try again.
I got a free copy of The Art of Probiotic Nutrition and had a second crack. It worked, it was easy and it tasted like the $20 store bought version. It is a very easy to read and understand fermenting covering the whys and hows. Simple easy to follow recipes!
I purchased The Gut Healing Protocol after a girlfriend of mine highly recommended it -I followed this for 8 weeks with great results (reduced bloating, clean skin and eyes, lots of energy, weight loss wasn’t my focus but was a side affect when healing your gut). I recommend this one for those who’s guts are familiar with fermented foods and are wanting to take it to the next level of gut healing.


Andrea Dillon 

I embarked on Kale’s program after attending a fermentation workshop that he conducted.  Prior to the course, I was already on a fairly clean diet, but over time had allowed a few habits I had previously eradicated to creep back into my lifestyle. As a result, I was suffering from candidiasis and bloating again and was feeling frustrated.  Kale’s program required dedication and organisation, but it was well worth the effort and gradually my symptoms began to subside.  It was so empowering to be making such great food choices for each meal, and knowing that everything you ate was improving your health and allowing your stomach to heal.


Margie Vann 

I had a truck load of digestive problems. I am happy to report that the Gut Healing Protocol has done wonders for my digestive system. Even after one week I noticed a huge improvement. And for the first time in months I was able to get a good night sleep without the discomfort of indigestion. I kept to it pretty diligently except for a holiday in Singapore where I had to have a few Singapore Slings. I feel so much better now and it has become a way of life, therefore I am determined to keep on this healthy way of living.

Thank you for your time and effort you put into the Cleanse. I love the recipes section of your book & all the extra information on my gut!
Nic Laidlaw 
Kale’s Gut Healing Protocol was great and easy to follow. I found it had a great impact on my energy and vitality. It was put together in such a way that I could recommend it to my clients, too. It is a safe and effective way to address loads of common health problems that I see as a holistic lifestyle & exercise coach from lower back pain, hormonal issues & parasite infections. Kale’s GHP will put your body in beautiful position to heal itself!
Joshua Dither – Holistic Lifestyle Coach 
I definitely didn’t find it easy but it was so worth it. The 8 week GHP has given me the ability to not depend on food so much & to not have such an emotional attachment to what I’m eating, which for me has been a big thing – it’s been stopping me from getting the results that I wanted due to having uncontrollable urges with food. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to do something that has allowed me to reach a level of health & vitality that I’ve been chasing for at least a year. To be able to achieve that in just 12 weeks is something pretty special. Thank you!
Dianne Moore 
This program has had many positive outcomes for me, even beyond gut health. I have become mindful when I shop, eat and prepare my food. Life has slowed down and the head knowledge I’ve known about mindful living has become a reality. I have fallen in love with food prep and cooking again. Once the boys left home I tended to grab something to eat or jumped at the opportunity to eat out often throwing out a lot of food. Now I’m back being creative and sharing my cooking with others, something which was so important in the past. Ive just had a facial skin treatment and my down time has been so short. The Dr is amazed at how quickly and well I have healed. He offered antibiotics at the start which I refused. No alcohol means being far more alert, waking up ready to go, not worrying about driving after an outing and probably making more sense in my conversations as well!! I have not missed it one bit. I’m now attracting like minded people… they seem to be coming out of the woodwork! Thank you!
Grace Quiney 
The best thing about the Gut Healing Protocol is that we both (my partner & I) lost a few kg and we feel great. We now eat even more veggies than we used to (omelettes are never just egg anymore) and it’s changed our general way of thinking each meal time with our focus being 80% veg, which is what we wanted to achieve. I also have coconut oil in my coffee & love it! We would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone wanting to kick start a healthier lifestyle & generally feel good about themselves.
Judi Depamphilis
I had a huge chocolate addiction when I started and that it why I undertook the Gut Healing Protocol. I have to say that I have probably adhered to the guidelines by 95%. There were some stressful times (and still are )and I have tried my best to do everything according to the guidelines. I miss some foods, but the upside is my unhappy gut is very happy and my skin is amazing! I also shed the weight I had gained during my chocolate binges! I’ve loved the Gut healing Protocol!
Lisi Risborg
While cutting out sweets was difficult for me, I feel a great sense of achievement having followed the protocol so closely and knowing that I’ve given my gut the best possible chance to heal.  My energy levels have improved dramatically (I didn’t even realise I was sluggish beforehand!) and I feel generally healthy which is wonderful. I haven’t complained about hay fever once this season!  Another nice bonus on top of this is that I managed to shed more weight than I even knew I had to lose.
Praise for Kale Brock’s work


Kurt Tippett – AFL Player
“I first met Kale over a year ago. At the time I was feeling very rundown, tired and fatigued, but as I listened to his advice and adopted his healthy living principles, I saw my energy levels and vitality soar in no time at all!
To this day, I continue to see and feel improvements in my health and performance as I live by these principles. Thanks Kale!”


Nic Laidlaw – Holistic Health Coach – Strength & Conditioning Coach

Kale’s role in the health industry is of great importance. He cuts through all of the white noise that surrounds such a booming and popular industry filled with fads and gimmicks that can consume even some professionals.

As a communicator and coach Kale does a great job of making technical information very accessible and applicable for the everyday health enthusiast.
He has a wealth of knowledge backed up by his own life experience, & he practices what he teaches.


Ryan Baohm – Personal Trainer

Kale is the perfect example of everything he stands for and presents his knowledge with passion and creativity. Kale has changed my life, he taught me about supplementation, fermented foods, gut health, food combining, primal eating principles and so much more. Overall he taught me that I can heal myself of disease and perform at my peak, both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Kale is the complete package who has already changed so many lives, including my own. He has dedicated his life to learning and sharing with the world, this is what God put him on the earth to do.


Peter Seskis

It was a chance meeting that led me to Kale Brock. My wife and I attended a talk given by Kale one evening at our friend’s organic café. During the presentation I was very surprised to find out that when Kale was younger he had suffered from a similar health condition that I had recently been diagnosed with at age 50 – Atrial Tachycardia (rapid and irregular heart beats caused by a problem with the electrical system that flows from the upper to the lower chambers of the heart and triggers the heartbeat). By following Kale’s lead and suggestions and making some significant nutritional and lifestyle changes, I was very pleased when my Cardiologist recently advised that I no longer require any of the medications that I had previously been prescribed and was taking on a daily ongoing basis. I am absolutely loving the journey that I’m now on, continually learning more about better health and nutrition. I am relieved that I no longer have to take medication which merely masked an underlying problem and for which I also had concerns about how taking these drugs might effect my health long term. As a bonus byproduct I am now also enjoying life in a body 20kgs lighter than I was 4 months ago and feeling so much better in general. Thanks so much to Kale for openly sharing his experience, knowledge, on-going advice and genuine care to help me improve my health and life. Kale’s an absolute legend.


Kasey Willson – Naturopath

“Kale has an undeniable passion for helping others reach their potential. His enthusiasm and fun-filled attitude shines through in his talks, books and projects. With Kale’s guidance, making positive health changes is an enjoyable experience – particularly when you’re making Kombucha!”


Dr Damian Kristoff – Chiropractor and Wellness Educator

“A young living legend!”


Dr Brett Hill – Chiropractor and Wellness Educator

“Working with Kale over the last couple of years, presenting with him on holistic health and seeing him inspire people to create and enjoy fermented foods is why I consider him a leading authority on the subject (as well as an awesome all round guy!).
In his course Kale goes through the whys, whats, hows, fool-proof recipes and FAQs. Everything’s covered. You’ll be tucking into a delicious side of home-made kimchi in no time!”


Coco Lombardi – Natural Movement Trainer

“Kale is a true inspiration, an abundance of knowledge, with an infectious drive to help others. He has helped not only myself but many of my clients achieve fantastic results physically, mentally and emotionally. Kale doesn’t just tell people what to do, he educates and guides them to make the decisions and do the work themselves with his full support. His work ethic and energy creates stronger, better, more powerful humans who are in harmony with their body. They not only achieve results, but along the way, gain the values of life many seem to miss these days; patience, determination, trust, love, happiness, peace, and humility.
My belief is to be the change we wish to see in the world and kale is this! He practises everything he preaches and He defiantly is one of the few who keeps me motivated for doing what I do every day also! It is a privilege to know kale and have his full support for myself and my clients.”


Lachlan Schultz
“Surfing for me is the most important thing in life, and I use to go with my mates everyday, but sadly I got to the point where I really didn’t even feel like surfing, even though it would be a perfect day for it. I found myself run down, tired all the time and I was at home sick every three weeks. My education was really paying the price, late nights doing homework, early mornings and the times I nearly fell asleep in class were countless. Things were not looking good.

At this point I was lucky enough to learn information that has changed everything; I met Kale Brock and he taught me, in only a couple of hours, some basic things about nutrition and lifestyle. He suggested foods to stay away from but more importantly, foods that I should be eating everyday.

The best thing about this was that it wasn’t some dietary fad or weird trick, but just going back to basics with my eating, and taking basic supplementation. Raw foods such as fruits vegetables make up the bulk of my diet but also nuts, lean meats and eggs. Kale provided me with recipes for green smoothies, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and they are all truly satisfying meals. Since the day I started on this program, I have not caught a cold or become sick at all. I haven’t even been tired at any point and I am back to surfing everyday and my school grades are back on the rise again. Thanks Kale!”


Dianne Krieg
“For years I have suffered with continuous sinus problems, despite having them surgically scraped 4
years ago. I also suffered significant digestive difficulties. My health ailments left me feeling tired and run down and constantly on antibiotics. After meeting Kale, he explained his dietary and supplement program, and although simple, I saw results very quickly.

Within a few weeks I noticed my energy levels increasing and my gut issues were no longer affecting me at all. At this point I had a little setback and felt myself getting sick, however instead of grabbing my antibiotics I chose to take the alternative road which Kale explained would help my body deal with the issue itself.  Within 24 hours I was back on top of my health and feeling elated that I could control my health without chemicals.

Through eating well, drinking water, using safe personal and home care products, and receiving deep tissue massage, I’ve detoxed my body of many harmful chemicals and toxins, and have lost over 10kg without even exercising. These are merely side effects of my intention to live a healthier, better life.

My journey has just begun, and there are still hurdles to overcome, but there is no turning back.  I look forward to continuing my self education, enjoying healthy and tasty foods and I love being back in control! Life is wonderful :)”


Tyler Lawrence
“I’ve played sport for many years and have generally tried to be sensible with my food choices.

Despite this there were still times where I may have eaten a bag of chips for a snack and the resultant stomach cramps I often experienced were something I actually considered to be normal at that point, and they were something I would have to deal with for as long as they hung around. Eventually, though, they got worse. I
remember there being times where I felt crippled, that I couldn’t leave the house because I would be too far away from the toilet the next time I needed it. After visiting the doctor I was diagnosed with IBS, and prescribed medication to counteract the symptoms.

The stomach cramps came and went. But they were never alleviated fully.

Through my connections at my gym, I was introduced to Kale Brock, who, with his mentor, Eris Watkins, explained that health came from putting the body back into balance. I have since increased my intake of water, animal protein and greens and reduced my intake of carbohydrates and processed
foods. I have also started taking vitamin and nutrients supplements and have made some changes to my home environment; I now use toiletries that contain less chemicals than before. All these changes, along with exercising regularly has resulted in me losing 10 kilograms this year and I’ve restored balance within my body. I now no longer get stomach cramps and am feeling great! Thank you Kale!”


Monica Maric
“At the age of 21, I found myself in a dangerous place – both emotionally and physically. I began to fall very ill, dealing with intense stomach pains daily, along with unexplained UTI’s constant visits to my GP in an attempt to fix these issues. I saw a number of different specialists and naturopaths who continued to put me on different eating plans and supplements but nothing seemed to work. One night, I experienced a personal trauma which resulted in me having to go into hospital and this is when doctors found a stomach ulcer. The doctor’s informed me that I would need to go on yet another dose of antibiotics but I refused. I decided to take my health into my own hands. I can assure you this was not an easy decision, and required hours of research in order for me to feel comfortable doing so.

A few months after this, during my continued research for an alternative to the medical paradigm, I began a personal training program. After speaking with my trainer about my health concerns, she directed me to Kale Brock. After a brief meeting, Kale recommended an eating plan as well as some basic supplementation to begin my healing process. Within a month, I began to feel a huge difference within myself. I felt as if I was finally gaining control of my body for the first time in years. This new found hope allowed me to re-evaluate the power I had to heal myself through good nutrition, exercise and supplements, which I believe have helped provide my body with nutrients I previously lacked. I am not looking back now and know that things can only move forward from here. I thank Coco and Kale for their continuous guidance and support and I will be forever grateful to them for helping me FINALLY find a way to live a normal life without pain and uncertainty.”


Kayla Banfield
“The guidance and knowledge that I sapped from Kale are the foundations that I built my new self on. The more i learnt from his work and healthy living principles, the more I started to really understand how easy it was to be in harmony with my body. He taught me about the power of foods – not only physically (ten kgs, GOODBYE!) but also mentally. Things became clearer, life became happier and I became absolutely more driven to find my purpose in life. I believe everyone has an impact on your life – but the impact of Kale’s on mine has been immeasurable. He truly kick started my journey to a new and improved me!”


Trish Marsland
“I was putting on weight, often very tired and lacked energy but thought it was just due to our busy lives. I realised that I needed to make some lifestyle changes but didn’t know where to start. I was recommended Kale’s book and followed his advice, within a few weeks I was shedding the kilos and have so much more energy now. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. Kale’s focus and passion for good health has been life changing for me. Thank you Kale!”


Gary Marsland
“Overweight, unfit, out of breath, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, snoring (apparently), sounds familiar? That was me. I needed to do something about my health but where to start? I met Kale and read his book and put his advice into action. The results have been incredible; in  just 6 weeks I have lost 8kg, my energy levels have been restored, both my blood pressure and cholesterol have improved considerably and I no longer snore.

It is 100% up to you to make good healthy lifestyle choices but with Kale’s guidance you can’t go wrong. I feel like a new person and everyone around me is noticing, it is great. For me this is a change for life not just a fad! Thanks mate I reckon I may just owe you my life. ”


Joanne Jacqueline – Director – Healthy Kids Expo

“Kale’s knowledge and experience around holistic health is inspirational and he is very passionate about helping others to optimise their health. I felt privileged to work with Kale in his role as the Healthy Kids Expo Ambassador. He was very knowledgeable, resourceful and kind. He went over and above anything I asked of him and I look forward to working with him again in the future!”




“Really interesting, enlightening and informative – loved it!”  – Gretel

“You are my favourite one and a half vegetable! Hehe. Thanks for sharing your story.” – Sharon

“Loved it!” – Simon

“Kale, thanks for such an amazing and informative talk! You have given me the motivation I need to improve my gut health!” – Sara 

“Very informative! You have inspired me!” – Jeanette 

“Kale, the info you gave us was fantastic, informative & mind blowing. You gave me the confidence to realise that I can go on this fermented journey. You nailed the message that gut health is critical. You rocked it thank you !!” – Wendy 

“ Amazing. So informative and so much info given in a straightforward way.” – Shelley 

“Really interesting! Lots of new ideas and you were so knowledgable!”  – Sam 

“Great talk Kale! Thanks so much for sharing your personal story. I particularly loved the medical addition to your journey – inspiring.” – Luke 

“Great talk at The Wellness Summit! Very informative & inspiring.” – Brad 

“So much info. Just totally got it and got so much out of it. Would love to hear more!” – Fiona

“Great info Kale! Talk of the day at the 2015 Wellness Summit!” – Heather 

“Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us!” – Sarah 

“Great talk! Inspirational and uplifting. Kale is a fantastic role model for people of all ages!! Keep up the great work!” – Rachel 

“Love the info! Especially on babies & the birthing process. Thank you I will now trust my gut!” – Portia

“You were definitely the highlight of the summit for me Kale! Can’t wait to start your protocol, look out for my email coming your way soon!!” – Natalie 

 “Excellent presentation & knowledgeable sharing! Can’t believe you’re so accomplished for one so young! Love your passion! Thank you! I now have the confidence to ferment foods!” – Kaye 

“Enjoyable presentation. I feel confident to start my own fermented foods and drinks now! Thank you :)” – Marietta

“Very informative – gave me the confidence to start on my own fermented food journey!” – Wendy 

“Thanks for a fantastic, informative workshop! Do yourself a favour & come along to let Kale show you how to expose your inner carrot! Ha ha” – Cara 

“Fermentation so easy that anyone can do it! Kale makes it so easy! Thanks!” – Debbie 

“Kale’s presentation was one of a kind! I’ve never met anyone who has such a natural ease at conveying the scientific importance of gut health to the average person.” – Josh

“Thank you once again for your relaxed yet informative fermentation course. The sooner this knowledge reaches the masses the better off we will all be.” – Nathan

“I attended the fermented work shop you put on at Balance in Avalon last Sunday and absolutely loved it. I got so much out of the morning. Thanks a bunch! Keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re absolutely nailing it.” – Greta

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