Thankyou to the wonderful people who left feedback for my presentation at The Wellness Summit 2015 and my fermented food workshops!


“You were definitely the highlight of the summit for me Kale! Can’t wait to start your protocol, look out for my email coming your way soon!!” – Natalie 

“Really interesting, enlightening and informative – loved it!”  – Gretel

“You are my favourite one and a half vegetable! Hehe. Thanks for sharing your story.” – Sharon

“Loved it!” – Simon

“Kale, thanks for such an amazing and informative talk! You have given me the motivation I need to improve my gut health!” – Sara 

“Very informative! You have inspired me!” – Jeanette 

“Kale, the info you gave us was fantastic, informative & mind blowing. You gave me the confidence to realise that I can go on this fermented journey. You nailed the message that gut health is critical. You rocked it thank you !!” – Wendy 

“ Amazing. So informative and so much info given in a straightforward way.” – Shelley 

“Really interesting! Lots of new ideas and you were so knowledgable!”  – Sam 

“Great talk Kale! Thanks so much for sharing your personal story. I particularly loved the medical addition to your journey – inspiring.” – Luke 

“Great talk at The Wellness Summit! Very informative & inspiring.” – Brad 

“So much info. Just totally got it and got so much out of it. Would love to hear more!” – Fiona

“Great info Kale! Talk of the day at the 2015 Wellness Summit!” – Heather 

“Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us!” – Sarah 

“Great talk! Inspirational and uplifting. Kale is a fantastic role model for people of all ages!! Keep up the great work!” – Rachel 

The Workshop Feedback

“Love the info! Especially on babies & the birthing process. Thank you I will now trust my gut!” – Portia

 “Excellent presentation & knowledgeable sharing! Can’t believe you’re so accomplished for one so young! Love your passion! Thank you! I now have the confidence to ferment foods!” – Kaye 

“Enjoyable presentation. I feel confident to start my own fermented foods and drinks now! Thank you :)” – Marietta

“Very informative – gave me the confidence to start on my own fermented food journey!” – Wendy 

“Thanks for a fantastic, informative workshop! Do yourself a favour & come along to let Kale show you how to expose your inner carrot! Ha ha” – Cara 

“Fermentation so easy that anyone can do it! Kale makes it so easy! Thanks!” – Debbie

“Kale’s presentation was one of a kind! I’ve never met anyone who has such a natural ease at conveying the scientific importance of gut health to the average person.” – Josh

“Thank you once again for your relaxed yet informative fermentation course. The sooner this knowledge reaches the masses the better off we will all be.” – Nathan

“I attended the fermented work shop you put on at Balance in Avalon last Sunday and absolutely loved it. I got so much out of the morning. Thanks a bunch! Keep doing what you’re doing, because you’re absolutely nailing it.” – Greta

“Very useful – loads of information thank you!” – Kristy

“Very informative & understandable – great talk!” – Lidia 

“I came into this knowing very minimal & my mind has been blown – lots of amazing, educational advice – thanks! Looking forward to making my first kombucha – tastes delicious!” – Angie 

“Loved the pinakombuchalada from your book & very knowledgable yet fun & simple delivery.” – Jasmine 

“Super! Feel confident to go & brew my first batch of fermented foods!” – Penny

“Very interesting! Especially the introductory talk on the microbiome!” – Deb