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Empowering knowledge. Lifetime access. Money back guarantee. Flexibility.


Empowering, impactful knowledge
The skills you need to go above and beyond this course and to get results with your health.

  • I teach you the principles of fermenting foods and probiotic nutrition, not just a few recipes. By the end of this comprehensive and laid-back course, you'll not only have loads of resources to equip you for life in the fermented kitchen, but you'll also have the skillset to take it further and start confidently creating your own recipes!
  • Its SO IMPORTANT that you learn the art of probiotic nutrition and fermented foods in a smart SEQUENCE. In this course I lay it out for you in the appropriate order that'll have you rocking in the kitchen before you know it!
  • The health of the gut is so so so important and will have a massive impact on your life! Probiotics and fermented foods have the power to bring so much abundance and health into you and your family's health! Digestive issues, allergies, autoimmune conditions, immune system disorders may all be helped by fermented foods!
  • Seriously, you'll be able to make 6 months worth of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, apple cider vinegar in as little as 10 minutes by the time you finish the course. It can literally be that easy! 
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YOU choose how you want to learn.

  • We've created this course to be available to you across all platforms & with the help of Udemy we've made the student experience even better with iOS & smartphone compatability!
  • Don't like the video format? That's fine. Included in the course is my full ebook The Art Of Probiotic Nutrition which is as in-depth and comprehensive as the video platform. 
  • Feeling a little nervous? Don't worry! Getting started with fermenting is a little scary for everyone! Starting is the first hurdle, but I can guarantee my step-by-step approach and super helpful resources (checklists, shopping lists and timetables) will help you feel like a probiotic jedi! PLUS we have the support forum for you if you're unsure - you're never left alone :) 
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Independence and affordability.
Traditional fermented foods using traditional, inexpensive methods.

  • There are too many fermented food teachers out there telling you you need to buy their culture starters to safely ferment foods - this is not the case. Once you begin this program you'll never need to buy anything except your ingredients! 
  • No matter what diet you're on, your fermented foods will have a dramatic impact on your health, so much so that you'll be stoked to share your knowledge with them (or direct them here, thanks;). This course gets results. 
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You want to be sure you're doing it right.

  • By utilising my fermentation method you'll be absolutely sure of the safety of your fermented foods! No worrying over wasted food and mould or bacteria! I run you through how to avoid these situations and if they do still occur, how to recognise them.
  • In our resources area I provide you with timetables, safety checklists and more to make sure you're on the right track, but if you're still not sure, we always have the support forum for you to post your pictures/issue, and we'll answer them asap :) 
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Money back guarantee.
If you give it a go and don't like my course, you can have your money back.

  • All courses on Udemy have a 30 day trial period. Don't like the course? That's fine - get your money back with no fuss at all -  this is a no risk investment in you & your family's health!
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What people are saying about this course


Dr Brett Hill (Chiropractor, Wellness Educator)

Working with Kale over the last couple of years, presenting with him on holistic health and seeing him inspire people to create and enjoy fermented foods is why I consider him a leading authority on the subject (as well as an awesome all round guy!). 

In his course Kale goes through the whys, whats, hows, fool-proof recipes and FAQs. Everything's covered. You'll be tucking into a delicious side of home-made kimchi in no time!


Kasey Willson (Naturopath

Kale has an undeniable passion for helping others reach their potential. His enthusiasm and fun-filled attitude shines through in his talks, books and projects. With Kale's guidance, making positive health changes is an enjoyable experience - particularly when you're making Kombucha! 


Lifetime access to the entire course!