S&P Squid

This recipe is from my book; The Gut Healing Protocol, an 8 week, holistic guide to rebalancing your gut!

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Salt n Pepper Squid

Serves 2


1/2 C almonds
1 handful fresh thyme or 2 tsp dried 1 handful fresh chives or 2 tsp dried 1 tsp Himalayan salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 egg
300g (10oz) calamari rings


Blend all ingredients except eggs & calamari into a crumb like mixture – set aside.

Whisk the egg in a bowl & place calami rings in the bowl. Then, take the calamari rings & roll them through the crumbs.

Cook for 1-2 minutes in olive oil or ghee. Enjoy with salad.

Bon appetit 😉



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