The Book That Will Completely Change Your Life

The science world is confirming that which Hippocrates said some 2400 years ago; 'all disease begins in the gut'. With the race to discover the microbiome alive & well, the fundamental principles of healing the gut have remained the same for thousands of years; reduce the inflammation & heal the gut lining.

In this stunning book, health journalist Kale Brock investigates the fundamental role the gut microbiome plays in your health. In The Gut Healing Protocol, Brock shares;

  • A scientific round-up of the gut; how it works & how it can influence your health
  • Discussions on points of view of world experts on the microbiome
  • The roles played by the various microbes who live on & inside of you
  • Why eliminating certain foods can drastically decrease the inflammation in the gut
  • Why the addition of certain foods & supplements can assist in healing the gut lining 
  • A comprehensive, gentle 8 Week Program for you to undertake  
  • Stunning, delicious recipes which will actively help you heal your gut lining & rebalance your microbiome. 

The Gut Healing Protocol 

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The Gut.

 It’s one of the hottest topics in science right now. Scientists the world over are scrupulously investigating the role that our microbiome and subsequent functioning of the intestinal lining play in our health & wellbeing. Let me tell you, they’re discovering some amazing things, many of which I will share with you in this book. 

This book is the result of 9 years of research on my part, as a health journalist & coach, into how we as everyday people can better look after ourselves in order to experience life to the fullest. This book is not a scientific journal or investigative report but rather a simple action plan, with validating references, that you can take to improve your gut-health & furthermore to improve your overall health & vitality!

This book is called The Gut Healing Protocol because it primarily focuses on healing the lining of the gastro-intestinal tract. For the nerdy, it involves tightening up the junctions of the epithelium so that inflammatory mechanisms can be shut down throughout the body so that optimal cellular functioning can be achieved. This program is like a chiropractic adjustment for the gut & similar to the wonderful benefits we receive from aligning the spine, re-aligning & rebalancing the gut results in a powerful impact on the entire body.

For those outside Australia, you can own your copy of The Gut Healing Protocol by searching Amazon

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Praise for the Gut Healing Protocol

Read how lives have changed through this transformational book

Nic Laidlaw

Kale's Gut Healing Protocol was great and easy to follow. I found it had a great impact on my energy and vitality. It was put together in such a way that I could recommend it to my clients, too. It is a safe and effective way to address loads of common health problems that I see as a holistic lifestyle & exercise coach from lower back pain, hormonal issues & parasite infections. Kale’s GHP will put your body in beautiful position to heal itself!

Joshua Dittmer 

I definitely didn’t find it easy but it was so worth it. The 8 week GHP has given me the ability to not depend on food so much & to not have such an emotional attachment to what I’m eating, which for me has been a big thing - it’s been stopping me from getting the results that I wanted due to having uncontrollable urges with food. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to do something that has allowed me to reach a level of health & vitality that I’ve been chasing for at least a year. To be able to achieve that in just 12 weeks is something pretty special. Thank you!

Dianne Moore

This program has had many positive outcomes for me, even beyond gut health. I have become mindful when I shop, eat and prepare my food. Life has slowed down and the head knowledge I've known about mindful living has become a reality. I have fallen in love with food prep and cooking again. Once the boys left home I tended to grab something to eat or jumped at the opportunity to eat out often throwing out a lot of food. Now I'm back being creative and sharing my cooking with others, something which was so important in the past. Ive just had a facial skin treatment and my down time has been so short. The Dr is amazed at how quickly and well I have healed. He offered antibiotics at the start which I refused. No alcohol means being far more alert,waking up ready to go, not worrying about driving after an outing and probably making more sense in my conversations as well!! I have not missed it one bit. I'm now attracting like minded people..they seem to be coming out of the woodwork! Thank you! 

Grace Quiney

The best thing is that we both (my partner & I) lost a few kg and we feel great. We now eat even more vegies than we used to (omelettes are never just egg anymore) and it's changed our general way of thinking each meal time with our focus being 80% veg, which is what we wanted to achieve. I also have coconut oil in my coffee & love it! We would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone wanting to kick start a healthier lifestyle & generally feel good about themselves.

Andrea Dillon

I embarked on Kale’s program after attending a fermentation workshop that he conducted.  Prior to the course, I was already on a fairly clean diet, but over time had allowed a few habits I had previously eradicated to creep back into my lifestyle. As a result, I was suffering from candidiasis and bloating again and was feeling frustrated.  Kale’s program required dedication and organisation, but it was well worth the effort and gradually my symptoms began to subside.  It was so empowering to be making such great food choices for each meal, and knowing that everything you ate was improving your health and allowing your stomach to heal.

Marggie Vann

I am happy to report that your Gut Healing Protocol has done wonders for my digestive system. Even after one week I noticed a huge improvement. And for the first time in months I was able to get a good night sleep without the discomfort of indigestion. I kept to it pretty diligently except for a Holiday in Singapore where I had to have a few Singapore Slings. I feel so much better now and it has become a way of life, therefore I am determined to keep on this healthy way of living. Thank you for your time and effort you put into the Cleanse. I loved the recipes and love the book!

Judi Depamphilis

I had a huge chocolate addiction when I started and that it why I undertook the Gut Healing Protocol. I have to say that I have probably adhered to the guidelines by 95%. There were some stressful times (and still are )and I have tried my best to do everything according to the guidelines. I miss some foods, but the upside is my unhappy gut is very happy and my skin is amazing! I also shed the weight I had gained during my chocolate binges! I've loved the Gut healing Protocol!

Lisi Risborg

While cutting out sweets was difficult for me, I feel a great sense of achievement having followed the protocol so closely and knowing that I've given my gut the best possible chance to heal.  My energy levels have improved dramatically (I didn't even realise I was sluggish beforehand!) and I feel generally healthy which is wonderful. I haven't complained about hay fever once this season!  Another nice bonus on top of this is that I managed to shed more weight than I even knew I had to lose.

About The Author: Kale Brock 

Kale Brock is a journalist & researcher in the area of gut health & primal living. With qualifications as a Health & Exercise coach, Kale has worked in the health and wellness industry since 2007 alongside some of the best naturopaths and health personalities in Australia. 

Kale has a passion for researching and sharing health information with the public through workshops, seminars & a huge body of online content. He shares a well-rounded and practical healing approach which has seen thousands of normal people achieve abundant health. Having worked as a TV presenter for Network Ten, a public speaker, health and exercise coach and personal development strategist, Kale is an inspiring and entertaining writer.

After overcoming his own serious health issues as a teenager using nutrition and lifestyle tools, Kale developed a passion for researching and sharing health information with the public, particularly within the area of probiotics and gut health.


I expected big things from Kale's Gut Healing Protocol, yet even still I was surprised and amazed by the results. Not only did I lose 9kgs, improve my energy, fortify my immune system and greatly speed up my recovery from exercise, but most importantly my digestion improved out of sight. I'm now free of the stomach pain and bloating that I experienced on a daily basis and I'm looking forward to maintaining the changes I've put in place long into the future! I can't recommend this program highly enough. 

Dr Nick Gentile 

I thought I was doing right by my body, I was exercising a lot between work shifts and I thought I was “eating healthy” but I started to gain a lot of weight. I was experiencing terrible pains in my stomach as well as bloating, and I was struggling with constant fatigue. I knew I had to change my lifestyle but I had no idea where to start since I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong.  I was introduced to Kale Brock’s Gut Healing Protocol. I was scared but I decided to give it a shot. As I discovered, coupling the Gut Healing Protocol with my exercise programs for 12 weeks, my whole life changed dramatically. I noticed in a very short amount of time that my mind was improving as well as my body image! Since finishing the gut cleanse I have no desire to go back to how I was eating beforehand because I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been!

Taela Old