My Testimonials

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Kurt Tippet

When I met Kale I was feeling very rundown, tired and fatigued, but as I listened to his advice and adopted his healthy living principles, I saw my energy levels and vitality soar in no time at all! I continue to see and feel improvements in my health and performance as I live by these principles. Thanks Kale!


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Trish Marsland

I was recommended Kale’s book and followed his advice, within a few weeks I was shedding the kilos and have so much more energy now. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time. Kale’s focus and passion for good health has been life changing for me. Thank you Kale!”


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Kayla Banfield

The guidance and knowledge that I sapped from Kale are the foundations that I built my new self on. The more i learnt from his work and healthy living principles, the more I started to really understand how easy it was to be in harmony with my body.