Probiotics increase testosterone

In an interesting study on mice, researchers have discovered that regular consumption of a probiotic bacteria may increase testosterone levels & sperm health. In the study, researchers gave mice a probiotic strain called Lactobacillus reuteri & monitored their testicular size & testosterone levels. Consistently, mice given the probiotic showed increased serum (blood) testosterone, larger testes & healthier sperm! The researchers said;

“We found that mice eating L. reuteri had profoundly increased levels of circulating testosterone regardless of the type of diet they consumed. Sperm from L. reuteri-treated mice had significantly higher concentration and activity compared to non-treated age-matched control mice.”

The effects of the probiotic on these measurements may be due to Lactobacillus reuteri’s anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers tested this theory by administering anti-inflammatory agents which blocked the action of specific inflammatory cytokines (inflammatory messengers basically) & found that similar effects, such as “youthful testosterone levels & testicular size” were maintained.

Testosterone is a powerful androgenic hormone, & according to Andrology Australia:

“Androgen deficiency due to diseases of the testes or hypothalamus-pituitary affects about one in 200 men under 60 years of age. It is likely that androgen deficiency is under-diagnosed and that many men are missing out on the benefits of treatment. About one in 10 older men may have testosterone levels lower than those in young men, but this is usually linked with chronic illness and obesity.”

As we now know, the gut & its inhabitants, the microbiota, are largely responsible for the management of inflammation throughout the entire body. If we are interested in maintaining low inflammatory markers (which is ideal for longevity & health) & healthy testosterone levels, then we must balance the gut! It may be possible that probiotic supplementation in humans, using not only L.Reuteri but also other known anti-inflammatory probiotics like bifidobacterium & acidophilus, could help restore healthy levels of testosterone in the body.

Weight training also is known to have a significant impact on testosterone levels in both males & females. 

Consuming healthy fats may also lead to increases in testosterone.

A herbal product which contains known bio-identical testosterone is Pine Pollen – as an extract it is extremely effective at quickly restoring testosterone levels (do not use if pregnant or trying to get pregnant).


The Gut.

 It’s one of the hottest topics in science right now. Scientists the world over are scrupulously investigating the role that our microbiome and subsequent functioning of the intestinal lining play in our health & wellbeing. Let me tell you, they’re discovering some amazing things, many of which I will share with you in my book; The Gut Healing Protocol.


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