Good vibrations can be found anywhere - because they come from within

Good vibrations can be found anywhere – because they come from within


‘How long has the organic section been here?’

The Woolworths man adjusted his little hat to cover his annoyance at me interrupting his refilling of the tomato cartons. He replied,

“As long as I can remember’

‘Maybe 5 years?’ He added.

I thanked him with a confused look and pondered over why I hadn’t noticed the organic section before. Parked tightly in the left corner of the produce section, the earthy labels of ‘organic’ had up until that point remained unnoticed to me. Recently, though, I had been introduced to the whole ‘health thing’ and had finally begun to think of organic as a necessary industry at which to direct my weekly food budget.

Why hadn’t I seen the organic section before? Even in my ‘pre-health’ days surely I would have noticed it, sitting over there with its pricey indulgence and smug purple labels.

But I hadn’t. And it was because of my new level of awareness, or new vibration, that I had finally noticed it.

It was then that I began to wonder how many things in life must I have missed simply because of a lack of awareness? Because I was on a different frequency than that which I thought I desired – business opportunities, relationship opportunities, education opportunities – all these things I must have missed because I was simply not looking for them…

It wasn’t until years later that I was exposed to someone who could explain this topic. The topic of attracting things into your life by being on the same frequency, the same vibration or level of awareness as them. Like watching the Star-Wars movies and wondering the identity of Darth Vadar, the veil (or space-breathing jedi mask) had finally been removed. I understood. And I began to consciously direct and control my awareness and vibration every single day… to enormous benefit.


Everybody vibrates. All the time.

And everybody vibrates at different frequencies.

All of us, we each have our own frequencies – some of us are SAFMs and some of us are Triple Js – and some of us vibrate at a frequency beyond the mundane inanities of modern day radio (hey, perhaps you’re more of an AM kind of guy). In fact, we can actually measure, or perceive our vibration through Kirlian photography.

Now, you know I don’t like to get too esoteric and all like ‘weird spacey yoga retreat style’ kinda shiz, but the topic of vibration is something you should all know about.

Because your frequency – your level of vibration – your awareness (these words will be used interchangably here) is responsible for everything you have in your life right now. Everything from your car, clothes, toys, relationships, grades, income, the things you love and even the things you hate, have all been attracted to the same frequency at which you vibrate. So that means you have to take 100% responsibility for everything you have right now, for everything you experience. A heavy burden, I know, but it’s also an empowering fact of life – that you have complete control over every little aspect of your world.

Okay so let’s break it down before we melt to a yogic shaman puddle on the tiles in hysterical confusion. What does vibration mean, really? The story above is a great example, but so is this famous principle…

In order to become something, we must first BE something.

I’ll put this in a monetary context – because most of us understand something as tangible as money.

Simon is a millionaire – he became a millionaire after creating a tech start-up and selling it to Google for 4 million dollars in 2014.

But Simon decided he was going to create his millionaire idea in 2012, and developed and promoted his tech start-up during the interim. So when did Simon actually become a millionaire? Did he act different or become a different person the day he sold his tech to Google and finally had 4 million bucks in the bank?

No. He was the same person – at the same vibration (the same behaviour and attitude) as he was in 2013. The only difference was his million dollar idea, his million dollar frequency/awareness came through to physical manifestation in 2014. So before he had attained that status, he acted and behaved like a millionaire, and as a result attracted 4 million dollars into his life.

Simon, you could say, was a millionaire from the day he was born; he just wasn’t aware of it until 2012, and then manifested the idea in 2014.

Now I know this isn’t the typical black and white health article, and we’re getting a little airy here, but if you take this idea to any successful person (monetary, spiritual, physical) – they will agree, they became their goal before they reached it, and more often than not they didn’t know how to achieve their goal until they did it!

When I heard this information it had a profound impact on me. A HUGE impact on me. I’ve literally changed my life by becoming aware of this information. I’ve experienced growth that I believe without this information probably would have taken years to occur, but instead has taken me 6 months to bring to physical fruition.

Michael the Mojo Master Johnson and I actually had an entire discussion about this topic in my latest podcast which you can listen to and download here.

AND this information can have a profound impact on you, too. How many dreams have you had and given up on? Because society tells us we’re not realistic? Or practical? How many great ideas, or opportunities have you missed or let slip because you didn’t think you could do it?

I’m guessing quite a few. That’s how it was with me. Analysis paralysis. Always a fleeting idea and excited moment before the old conditioning crept in – not possible, they are different, I can’t do that because it’s just me.

I know this happens to almost everyone. But once you take on the ‘principles of success’, and take responsibility for your future and your vibration, you’ll never look back.

Health does come into this, because I believe so strongly that it helps us stay on track and in a good frequency – it helps you develop that picture in your mind and hold to that picture with singleness of purpose, without being deterred by ‘convention’ or negative vibration.

Maybe you’ve set yourself a health goal? A business goal? A life goal? Whatever it is – whatever you want, if you believe that idea can happen, if you become that idea and expect it to happen then you’ll get it. It doesn’t happen overnight (some things do), but you’ll get there.

Trust in yourself, and in the universe, and in vibration, and you can get there.

I hope this inspires you to chase your dreams, as I have mine.

Much love,

Kale Brock
CHEK Exercise Coach
Holistic Lifestyle Strategist