The Kale Brock Show, dissecting wellness with a Gen Y, explores the foremost methods that everyday people can use to live free of disease, be incredibly happy, and to achieve thriving health. The show has a specific focus on gut health & the importance of the microbiome.

Kale Brock


With an emphasis on achieving health in the modern world, Journalist, Holistic Lifestyle and Exercise Coach Kale Brock interviews top experts from around the world on a broad range of topics such as primal living, meditation, high fat diets, toxins in our environment, exercise, cultivating longevity and more. A background in TV journalism, Kale’s interviewing skills and grounded approach will make this show applicable to YOU.

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The Kale Brock Show has had internationally renowned guests such as

Jimmy Moore – bestselling author 

Phillip Day – bestselling author & researcher 

Dr. Brett Hill

Dr. Damian Kristof

Daniel Vitalis – rewinding expert & primal living advocate 

John Ellerman – microbiologist 

Dave Nixon – owner of functional fitness Australia 

Kirsty Wirth – kefir probiotic expert 

And more.