The chips come out. Maybe its the bread. Maybe its the beer. I refuse & the onslaught begins.

“Sooo…. so like….. what are you?

I mean like….. you know what are you?”

“I’m healthy.”

“But you know are you like vegan or paleo or raw food?”

“I’m just healthy.”

We live in a time where people are identifying themselves with what they eat more than ever. It’s impossible to escape it seems; the aforementioned conversation. I imagine this conversation was a little different some years ago.

“So like what are you?”

“I’m a farmer.”

“I’m a writer.”

“I’m a magician.”

I find it a little strange that people have to attach their identity to something as trivial to the human experience as the food we put in our mouths. I mean, when you’re on your way out, do you think you’ll sit & reflect on all the great pasta (zucchini of course) you ate? Or all the delicious green smoothies you blended? Or would it be something else? For instance the legacy you left, or the work you did, the dreams you fulfilled or the family you loved. And you know maybe some people would think of their meals on their death bed (& that’s completely fine by the way) and judging by the seriousness with which we consider food nowadays you wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case.

Instagram profiles & Facebook profiles, which have also become synonymous with our identities, are an accurate reflection of this really weird attachment to food we currently have.


‘Cruelty-free’ (so everyone else is cruel??)



Its everywhere. And we see the ensuing arguments on the internet, too. It’s constant. People trying to imprint their own philosophical tendencies toward diet onto others. We’re equating food with religion now; thats how much of an issue its become in people’s lives. There are too few now who can look at someone’s diet & say, ‘well that works for them’ but rather we have food nazis saying ‘that’s not right. Do it my way’. We’ve created an intense, emotional debate over something as trivial as the food we put in our mouth & we seem to be getting a little lost in it.

Okay, so when I say trivial, obviously from a health perspective food is one important aspect of living a long & happy & disease-free life, but as mentioned previously, is food & health why we’re here? Or is it the experiences that health & wellness can bring that we’re truly after? As I’m often fond of saying, health is never the end goal, its just a really powerful tool to help you achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Copy of “Health is never the end goal - it's just

And again, I don’t really think this identification with diet is necessarily a bad thing, but it is quite perplexing & I think it can be extremely limiting when it comes to achieving non-food-based dreams & goals in life. It’s also confusing as to why we are identifying with diet so heavily these days, & I think this comes down to, essentially, a certain confusion as to who we really are as individuals; perhaps its the schooling system, perhaps its computers & technology; I really don’t know. But back to achieving goals.

You see, what we give energy to grows. It’s a basic law. We plant a seed, give it energy in the form of water & sunlight & soil, & out comes a sprout. We develop an idea, we give it energy in the form of attention & hard work & strategising, & we get some outcomes. You may hear this theory in other words like manifestation, the secret, the power & more.

So, if we’re walking around constantly thinking about the food we’re eating in such a powerful, emotional way (to the point of identifying with it) then that’s what you’ll get more of. More health food. More gluten free (sugar’s gluten free) meals, more salads, more paleo breads and the like. Again, this isn’t a bad thing,  but it really depends on what you want more of in your life. If the above is your goal, & food is your thang, then it would work out great for you. However if you’re like most human beings & you’re after something a little more permanent, special & memorable than your dietary experiences, then attaching so much emotion & energy to your food might not be the best choice of action.

If I just met myself, how would I describe myself?

For me its health guy, surfer, entrepreneur maybe, storyteller.

I would be embarrassed, no, probably just disappointed if I landed on ‘kombucha guy’. Or ‘kimchi guy’.

So its an important question to ask yourself, how would you describe yourself if you just met you?

The next question would be are you happy with that?


When it comes down to it, our dietary habits are such a small part of the whole life experience, & although important to health & wellness & subsequently achieving your dreams in life, I don’t think its worth identifying with or getting emotional about. The great thing about this journey is that there is colour. That there is variety & nuances & change & nobody is exactly the same as somebody else. One thing I’ve learned in my 24 years here, is that the universe tends to just say yes to everything. There’s no judgement. No refusal. You can live whatever life you please & the universe will say yes. The one important thing to remember though is that we always have to live with our decisions & the ramifications of those decisions. So appointing yourself the universe & saying ‘no’ to someone’s choice, is self-limiting in so many ways (yes, we’ve all been guilty of doing this however).

When we can start to move to a place of acceptance, of non-judgement, then I think the whole dietary debate will relax a little. And people will be free to eat & live & move how they please without feeling so attached. People will be able to really consider their true dreams beyond just diet & health & wellness and begin to chase those.

And I mean, I don’t know about you, but that’s the kinda world I personally wana’ live in.


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