Morocco & Europe taught me a lot, in fact they taught me 11 important life lessons that I won’t forget.

This video was borne out of the idea that adventure, travel & challenge sculpts you into a better person. Seeing the world invites contemplative introspection which I think often leads to golden insights about life.

Applying these principles at home, such as appreciating everybody for who they are, living an ocean-centric life, eating locally, using food as a tool to bring people together & the principle of yin & yang (you can’t have the good without the bad), I feel as if I’m back on track with creating the best stories I can.

I have a few big projects ready to begin and I’m incredibly excited about each of them. I have a new studio set up, two regular online mini series about to start & some big films in development.

With all this in mind, it is important to reflect daily on these important life principles which I learned whilst traveling throughout Morocco & Europe.

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