Today I wana’ talk about breakthroughs. Breakthroughs in life. We all have them, but I think we miss their importance to a large extent. In this blog, which was also recorded as a podcast on The Kale Brock Show which you can listen to here for free, I cover what breakthroughs really are, how you can foster more breakthroughs in your life, & how to work out which process of breaking through works best for you as your unique self.

So what exactly are breakthroughs? Breakthroughs are changes in perspective, renewed energy, a shift in the level of vibration of an individual or a perceived step forward in any area of life. Often a ‘more successful’ strategy comes out of this process, whereby one could look back on the old self & see an improvement in the new self.

We’ve all had breakthroughs before. You all started out crawling around on the ground & then one day you stood up & walked. I’m sure breakthroughs look a little different for you NOW – but the key is that we should always be striving for breakthroughs with the mindset that this is one of the meanings of life!  As Winston Churchill said, success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. I would actually say it is the courage to continue that is the meaning of life – how you flow within your Tao, so to speak. Progress, achieving & breaking through should never end in your life – there should always be a striving for improvement as this tends to give us meaning & fulfilment.

Of course, one who gets caught up in looking to the future may be more inclined to forget about the present, so there must be a balance. A balance between living here in the ‘now’ & certainly being grateful for the human experience yet also striving for the betterment of your own life journey.

Lao Tsu said life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes, but when it comes down to it, the actual amount of breakthroughs we experience in life, remember these are those pivotal moments where we significantly improve our given situation, are quite low. We may have minor breakthroughs every single day but those major breakthroughs don’t come all that often, which makes them all the more special. Thus, your breakthroughs should be celebrated & appreciated as much as used for momentum to achieve the next breakthrough – carrying that positive energy created through a sense of self achievement is a powerful tool to help you continue along the journey toward your next big moment.

One may be forgiven for thinking that breakthroughs are easy. That along our wonderful journey we’re constantly moving forward and are always on schedule for the next win. However, realistically we go up, down & around before we make that next breakthrough, often with a dip in progress or a dip in the positivity of any situation before the next one is made. These are where the sayings “there is light at the end of the tunnel” & “it’s always darkest before dawn” come from – out of chaos tends to come some sense of new normality & cohesion; a breakthrough.

Growing up surfing, it was always the case that your surfing abilities would ‘jump’ up a few notches over a short period of time, where afterward you could pretty much expect to stay at that new level for another year or so before jumping again. These plateaus serve as a time period where we can gather our forces once more & use them to foster the next leap – moving too fast through different stages of your life might cause people to leave behind essential parts of themselves. It might be leaving behind the asset of health (adrenal exhaustion from too much stress for example), or the assets of friends & family (by prioritising business too much) or other similarly important facets of your existence.

The key of course is to appreciate that breakthroughs come when they’re ready, and when you are ready. I’ve found that the biggest breakthroughs i’ve made in life come after a shift in mindset. Key: the shift in mindset precedes the shift in the physical achievement of the breakthrough! Paul Chek calls this flowing with the Tao, being in touch with the energy that governs the universe & working in tune with it, rather than against it (you may call this force God, Buddha or other such symbolic characters).

Breakthroughs come from challenges, or a refusal to halt progress & stay where you currently are; “the starting point of all success is desire” – Napoleon Hill

There are different approaches which work for different individuals when it comes to taking that final step into new territory.

Personally, mine is one of introspect & a determination to see whatever I’m doing through. Now this might be to overcome a business challenge, or a personal challenge, or that next progression in my surfing. My approach is a very internal process & takes a long time to objectively & calmly think through challenges presented. My breakthroughs come with new perspective, a perspective that I can teach myself & allow to come to fruition through speculative thought.

Others, though, might be more kinaesthetic in nature & want to feel their way through their breakthroughs – they want to exercise their way to better health for example – for these people ‘action is the foundational key to all success” as Picasso said.

Others might want to talk or intellectualise their way through breakthroughs, these people like having meetings about their problems & harnessing others points of view & contributions to make the breakthrough. This process can be particularly helpful when you’re working in a team or on a group based outcome like in a business or sports team.

The key is knowing your unique approach to breakthroughs & supporting your system so that you can continue to make them throughout your life. There is nothing less damaging to the human spirit & health than simply maintaining the status quo & not having a sense of moving forward in life. Living too comfortably or without a sense of purpose I truly think is a negative thing.

So, consider your life every day. As I approach my 25th birthday this year I find a lot of time for perspective, reflection & consideration of where my life is at. I look at things I am grateful for, indeed, but I also look for things that I want to improve, areas of my life which excite me to think about like my surfing or my business or my physical health. These things might be different to you – they may be family health or financial health or something as simple as the quality of the food you eat.

In my last podcast I talked about chasing down & prioritising the things which excite you – I encourage you to do that again.

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln