You may have seen recently the kafuffle regarding the use of camel’s milk (yes, as in a desert dwelling, hump-backed creature) for treating illness’ such as Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, MS, Immuno-suppression and more. If you didn’t, you can have a look here  on Network 7’s website and check out the two-part, relatively entertaining and impartial story on the purported benefits of consuming camel milk.



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As a summary, here is what the story covered:

  • Camel milk has been consumed for thousands of years as a staple food and health beverage in the middle-east. 
  • Australia has more wild camels than anywhere in the world, all of whom are potentially fantastic sources of milk.
  • It is now being touted as a superfood with numerous healing qualities; such qualities including the prevention and/or treatment of illness’ like Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, MS, Immuno-suppression and more. 
  • There ‘seems’ to be a link between the health of the gut and these diseases. 
  • Consuming the raw, unpasteurised, unhomogenised milk is far superior than consuming the processed, bottled variety as the live milk contains numerous beneficial bacteria and growth/immune factors which are damaged by heat and processing. 
  • The Australian government, at this time, prohibits the sale of raw milk from camels and cows, but has recently passed a bill to allow the sale of raw goat milk products. 

Now this story isn’t actually the first ‘discovery’ this year where the link between these types of diseases (largely autoimmune in nature) and gut health has been postulated (and often proven). In a brilliant ABC Cataylst documentary – Gut Reaction –  we were told that scientists were treating symptoms of autism, asthma, alzheimers, and diabetes in mice with probiotics! Because the same cells which cause inflammation of the gut were causing the inflammatory components of these diseases!

Interesting huh? That the gut might play a pivotal role in someone’s health….


Apparently so. As far back as the 1930s Dr Weston A Price revealed in his monumental book Nutrition & Physical Degeneration that fermented foods (the presence of beneficial bacteria) seemed to play a huge role in determining the health of any given culture. So the idea isn’t ‘new’ as the scientific world would have you presume, they are simply a few, more than a few, decades behind.

How do bacteria make us better?

Let’s jump back to the point where you were inside mummy’s womb (naturally), preparing to enter this ghastly place we like to call earth, a heinous suggestion when compared with the comfort of wombhood but anyway… As we move through Mum’s birth canal during a natural birthing process, we are meant to be covered and slathered in beneficial bacteria (namely, bifido bacteria) which enters our system quite easily.

We’re born with a leaky gut (quite literally an open, permeable gut lining). So as we take suck of mum’s milk which is rich in Colostrum (which is rich in growth factors and immune factors) they pass into the bloodstream no fuss about it and form what we like to call an immune system and healthy developing environment for little Johnny. Once this happens the gut is meant to then naturally close, allowing the aforementioned bacteria to adhere to the gut lining (now developing a healthy mucous thanks to the sweetening Colostrum) and form our inner eco system – quite literally our first line of defence against all the insidious invaders hell-bent on overtaking the earth with their Napoleonic bacterial ambitions (as they do).

This process is what I like to call ‘imprinting’. We receive all the information we need for our bodies to remain nice and strong for the rest of our lives!

But unfortunately this process is being compromised these days. By a few things in fact, listed here.

  • Vaccinations
  • Medications
  • Infant formula
  • Sugar from a wide array of sources, some even natural
  • Radiation
  • And C-sections.

So of course we end up with millions of individuals who are immuno-compromised, lack the good bacteria needed to properly absorb nutrition from food and to crowd out bad bacteria, lack the ability to detoxify, lack the ability to maintain cleanliness of the blood, and many of whom go on to develop the modern labels that I’ve listed at the top. Labels we now think of as separate, evil, unstoppable ‘diseases’ needing only medications and synthetics to fix.

All the while the undiagnosed, chronic lack of good bacteria and compromised gut health remains untreated.

So doesn’t it make sense that as soon as we introduce a source of good bacteria, be it from camels milk, or other sources like probiotics, fermented foods, raw milk and more, that we would see some sort of improvement in our health status? It goes without saying.

So its not that camels milk is magical, nor is it evil or detrimental, we are simply seeing a nation that has been duped when it comes to the real reasons for ill-health. And its not that everyone is dumb or that the medical system or government is evil, they are just not informed, and in many cases unwilling to look at different ideas. I’m sure these people have good hearts but as Phillip Day likes to say, you can be sincere, and you can be sincerely wrong.

Healing the gut is something we all need to look at doing if we want to experience good health. Its the first thing I do with all my clients, no matter what their health condition – and guess what, it works!

For anyone experiencing challenges with their health, get in touch.



Kale Brock

CHEK Exercise Coach

Holistic Lifestyle Strategist



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