2014 was Ebola, 2015 was measles, 2016 was zika, 2017 & 2018 was influenza and now…. corona.


I’ve just flown from LAX back to Sydney after finishing up my film tour in California.


The heightened security, the face masks and the scary looking handouts paint a picture of some sort of pandemic armageddon, but do we really need to be worried about coronavirus?

First up, let me point out that you, sir or madame, are one big bug sack. That’s right. You are made up of more bugs than human cells and they aren’t all very sexy & healthy bugs either! The bacteria, protozoa, parasites, yeast and viruses which live on and inside of you are always in a state of flux, expanding and contracting in numbers according to how you eat, what you think, where you are (pretty much anything you do, they respond).

The interesting thing is that this delicate ecosystem, called the microbiome, is probably the most important feature of the human organism when it comes to fending off other potentially harmful pathogens from wreaking havoc on your body. In The Gut Movie we explored the idea that 80-90% of the immune system is located around the gut in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue. As your bugs interact and engage with your human cells, they stimulate good or bad processes to ensue (depending on the types of bugs present) such as optimising the immune system to fight off millions of different viruses and bacteria, or causing the body to attack itself in an autoimmune response.

My point is; your best defence against pathogens, regardless of their name or media attention, is to bolster and maintain a strong, healthy immune system (microbiome!).

Based off of the work I have done in the health space, interviewing the greatest practitioners on the planet, the main shortcomings of the conventional healthcare system is that we fail to recognise the body’s innate healing potential and take on an interventionist approach as opposed to a non-interventionist one. Modern medicine would rather provide separate answers to the millions of potential pathogens as opposed to empowering your body to fight them all
off innately (this is largely due, I think, to the economic model which modern medicine adheres to – a for profit model).

Dr. Joseph Mercola points out the ramifications of this sharply.

“January and February appear to be a favorite time to launch a global disease scare with the dutiful assistance of corporatized media. It’s convenient, seeing how usually by the first Monday in February every year (Feb. 3, 2020), the president sends the U.S. Congress the administration’s budget requesting funds to be allocated to federal agencies for the next fiscal year’s budget (Oct. 1, 2020 – Sept. 30, 2021).27

Each time there’s a public health scare, the Pharma and public health lobby is able to vie for a larger slice of taxpayer money to pay for drug and vaccine development.”

Additionally, an article by the New England Journal of Medicine points out that coronavirus may have a mortality rate that is similar to “seasonal influenza”, a surprisingly low rate of 1.4% or even less if we take into account those who are probably infected but asymptomatic. This is less than the mortality rate of something like pneumonia which sits around 2% and, more widely speaking, pales in comparison to the death rates currently reflective of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and depression (via suicide).

Personally (and this is a personal story, not a prescription) I’m going to be bolstering my immune system with healthy sun exposure, ocean time, a whole foods, organic, plant-rich diet and a gut-focused supplement routine plus somemedicinal mushroom extracts.

By succumbing to the fear-driven antics of the media we essentially become little orphans, holding out our hands to the white coats and the corporates they represent in a sad offering of our own responsibility for keeping well.

You may have the coronavirus already, but whether or not it actually hurts you is, yes, dependent on your immune system. That’s why I’m not worried.


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