If you’re a member of our mailing list, you would have seen that Kale announced early bird tickets for The Gut Movie Official Australian Tour for 2017 earlier this week. Early bird tickets offer a 10% saving and are selling very fast! In fact, at time of publication we have only 50% left after only two days!!

Official announcements of regular tickets to the public will happen on the 1st of September with the release of the first trailer for The Gut Movie.

Click the image below to reserve your seats before they sell out!


About The Gut Movie

The Gut Movie Kale Brock

The premiere of the long awaited and stunning documentary investigating the human microbiome.

In The Gut Movie, we follow the journey of journalist & researcher Kale Brock as, in the quest to discover whether the ‘optimal microbiome’ does indeed exist, he travels from Australia to Namibia to live with The San, an ancient hunter-gatherer people living traditionally from the land. During the excursion Brock monitors his own microbiome and how it changes in conjunction with the new surroundings, and takes microbiome samples of The San to gauge the significant differences in microbiota present across cultures.

With expert commentary by leading gastroenterologist Professor Thomas Borody, molecular geneticist Dr Margie Smith, immunology researcher and expert Professor Mimi Tang, naturopath and chiropractor Dr Damian Kristof and more, The Gut Movie provides an insightful yet entertaining look at the explosive research of the gut & its impact on human health.

“The future of medicine may lie somewhere completely unexpected, somewhere only few have dared to look so far, somewhere so farfetched and bizarre that only now in the modern world are we beginning to investigate it… poop. Yes, in our poop.” – Kale Brock, Director 

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