Today we’re talking about feminism.

I had planned to write something interesting here before you watch this chit chat with my good friend Dr. Andrea Huddleston, but honestly, I’m too scared to. I’m worried that if I get something wrong, if I say something insensitive or offend a listener, I’ll have the wrath of the internet brought down upon me in a wave of the extreme left. 

There you go, I said it I guess. Sometimes, feminism goes too far and is extreme. I feel like this is the case in recent times when the actions of a very, very small portion of the male population become a stand post upon which an argument is made that all men are bad and somehow inherently sexist. I thoroughly disagree with that and I’m almost offended by that. 

It’s been interesting to read into this topic a lot lately through various platforms and thinkers and to come up with my own conclusions and opinions, many of which I share throughout this interview. I guess the fundamental principle which I like to abide by is something that Paul Chek shared with me and that is that men & women are absolutely equal but absolutely different. 

Let’s jump into the chat with Dr. Andrea where we cover a range ion topics such as the Me Too movement, Jordan Peterson, sexual harassment & the latest trending Netflix special Nanette.


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