Flow, a film about surfing, mental health & neuroscience will cinematically blend discussions with top neuroscientists and professional surfers to examine how some of the best athletes in the world understand and use their relationship with the sport to support their mental wellbeing. We also meet organisations treating depression and anxiety with surfing as one of their primary treatment interventions.

What is flow state?

Flow state, previously a somewhat esoteric term defining moments of deep present-state-awareness, is now being considered heavily by the top realms of neuroscience as a ‘peak human experience’. It’s that moment etched into your brain whilst experiencing something extremely exciting or scary, it’s that stillness you find during meditation or that artist’s flow you enjoy whilst creating.

People who spend more time ‘in flow’ tend to be happier, more creative, successful and enjoy greater life satisfaction. Arguably more significant though, is the potential implications to use flow state activities to induce permanent changes in neurobiology in people suffering from depression and/or anxiety. 

Currently, over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression; we want to change that. Could a better understanding of flow states change how we approach mental illness and even prevent it from occurring?

Our goal with this film is to inspire more discussion and research into Flow States and how they can be implemented, especially from a prophylactic/preventative standpoint, to prevent and/or treat mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. 

kale brock flow state film

“Surfing has shaped my life in such a positive way and has truly given me the strong mental fortitude required to build a successful career in film. Now, understanding Flow States and how they can affect one’s neurobiology in such a beneficial way, I want to share these experiences with the world.”  – Kale Brock

Upon completion, Flow will conduct a cinema tour in select cities around the world followed by online streaming services distribution.

Previously, BCM has toured The Gut Movie to a live audience of almost 30,000 people, before a widespread online release. 

Brock Creative Media may conduct a crowdfunding campaign alongside traditional funding avenues, however intends to produce the film regardless of these outcomes.

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Flow. will be written & directed by Kale Brock.

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