Gut health is the new health trend! In this video I answer your questions submitted on socials.

Whilst in Positano, Italy, I sat down to go through such topics as

– microbiome testing Vs DNA testing
– fermented foods and when/if they’re appropriate
– eating on the road for gut health
– FODMAPS and bloating and more!!

Keep in mind that gut science is so rapidly emerging that it’s hard to keep up! What I love about my job its that I get to discuss what’s happening in an enjoyable, curious way, without being restricted by a governing body or health association. Of course, I always strive to share truthful, evidence based information, but I also love sharing what might happen or could be the cause of etc etc etc. I hope you don’t mind me indulging!

Do you have any more questions about gut health? Post them in the comments on my YouTube video!

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