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The Deets

Do you feel overwhelmed with the whole ‘gut health’ thing at the moment? We do, too. Sometimes, you don’t know who to listen to, which magazine or blog to trust & finally which foods to eat to look after yourself! It can be a nightmare.

The Gut Summit Online Series promises to clear away the confusion.

With an emphasis on comprehensive, entertaining & actionable information, The Gut Summit brings Australia’s greatest gut health experts to the screen for a one-time only event to give you the real deal on every day gut health.


About The Gut Summit

The Gut Summit offers the latest dive into the gut microbiome and the science that is driving the  latest trends in gut health. 

Taken from video interviews and live lectures, The Gut Summit is an engaging, entertaining, comprehensive and actionable tool for you to better prepare your body for excellent health from the inside out! 

Topics covered include 

  • The Gut Brain Connection
  • Depression, Mental Health Issues & The Gut 
  • The Gut & Your Immune System 
  • The Gut-Hormone Connection
  • How To Heal The Gut Lining 
  • Probiotic Science 
  • Gut Health For Toddlers To Teenagers
  • Wholefood Recipes For Better Gut Health
  • Timeless Principles Of Gut Healing 
  • Seaweed For Gut Health 
  • Supplements You Should & Shouldn’t Take
  • & More.

Our Experts

– Dr. Damian Kristof 

Topics: The Allergy Solution, The Gut Brain Connection From Birth, Gut Health Hints, Tips & Hacks. 

 – Helen Padarin, ND

Topic: Gut Health For Toddlers To Teenagers

– Dr. Andrea Huddleston

Topic: The Gut Hormone Connection

– Dr. Pia Winberg 

Topic: Seaweed For Better Gut Health

– Dr. Laura Lum 

Topic: A Holistic Approach To Depression Including The Gut

– Dr. Peter Dingle

Topics: Gut Ecology, Everyday Gut Health

– John Ellerman, bSc

Topic: Groundbreaking Probiotic Science

– Kasey Willson, ND

Topic: Gut Health Pre & Post Pregnancy | Glowing Mummas & Bubbas

– Danielle Elliot

Topic: SIBO & IBS | Natural Approaches

– Olivia Kaplan

Topic: Mood Food | Using Wholefoods To Improve Mental Health

– Scott Gooding

Topic: Recipes Grounded In Gut Health

– Louise Macartney

Topic: Longevity & The Gut

– Anthony Milotic

Topic: Gut Health Recipe | The Whole Chicken

– Amanda Ledwith

Topic: Microbiome Testing | How & Why

    Hosted by Kale Brock



    Kale Brock is an award nominated writer, producer and speaker. With a background in TV journalism, Kale has a passion for creative story telling with a special interest in health & wellbeing. His long awaited documentary, The Gut Movie, investigates the human microbiome in a scientific, quirky & fun journey in which he travels to Namibia to live with The San tribe. Kale’s books, The Gut Healing Protocol and The Art Of Probiotic Nutrition, have generated international acclaim.

    In 2016 for the article Gut Bacteria May Be The Key To Weight Loss Kale received the Bioceuticals Media Award (Runner up). He has worked as a TV presenter, a public speaker, health and exercise coach, personal development strategist, & is an inspiring and entertaining speaker. After overcoming his own serious health issues as a teenager using nutrition and lifestyle tools, Kale developed a passion for researching and sharing health information with the public, particularly within the area of probiotics and gut health.



    For those wishing to access all the content available from The Gut Summit national tour, including bonus recipes, interviews & more, Lifetime Access can now be purchased at the links.


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    Lifetime Access members will be able to enjoy all the bonus content that comes with the summit including recipe tutorials & Q&A’s with our incredible experts.



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