Naturopath Amanda Ledwith joins Kale Brock for an interview about microbiome testing and analysis. Getting your poo tested can offer really helpful insights into the happenings of your gut microbiome. Tired all the time despite eating well? Not absorbing enough nutrition to maintain bone density or thyroid health? These could all be signs of an imbalanced microbiome.

Testing is actually pretty easy, once you get your head around it. All it involves is pooping into a container, taking a small sample of that poop and putting it into a test tube and sending it off to the lab. The lab then sends out a report, and that’s where my guest today comes in.

Amanda conducts the same microbiome analysis methods as those seen in The Gut Movie and in this interview goes through a bit of an assessment of a random stool analysis report for us on camera.

You can get your own gut microbiome tested with Amanda via this link today – she’s my go-to gut practitioner & works via Skype/in-person consults.

In this video we learn which treatment methods were chosen for this stool sample and why based off the results.


Get your microbiome tested with Amanda today here.

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