Fasting is all the rage right now. And I’m a big fan. But there’s a way to make your fasts work even better. To avoid going through the inherent pitfalls of hunger and blood sugar disregulation that so many do when they give up food for a certain amount of time. 

‘Fasting’ can be interpreted in many different ways. Intermittent fasting (eating for a restricted window throughout the day) or water fasting (just having water for a period of time) or the 5:2 approach (restricting caloric intake for 2 days per week) can all be beneficial to our health. 

One of the biggest pitfalls though is how these affect our blood sugar. Our metabolic and endocrine systems. In this video I give you a little tip for adding certain foods to your fasted period to taper off some of those harsh challenges (hunger, tiredness etc). 

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