It’s easy to get caught up in the whole ‘more more more’ thing right? I would know, trust me! More readers, more views, more ticket sales, more waves, go bigger and better all the time every single day!

But this type of mindset doesn’t always lead to somewhere great… and certainly doesn’t lead anywhere healthy.

I see this in the health space. And I see it regularly. Since doing The Gut Summit events, our event to really clear up the confusion about gut health, I’ve seen people attend who are in this phase. They need something. They’re missing something in their life and if they can just find that missing piece of the puzzle, everything will be ok. They’ll be happy.

That’s not how it works (in most cases). What I’ve found, and what I’ve discovered all the ‘bests in the world’ apply, is that the inner change comes before the outer change. If we constantly look to more of something, more money, more health, more probiotics, more supplements to ‘get happy’ or ‘get healthy’ then we’ll always be partially filled up. The endlessly ‘half full cup’ so to speak. What we need to do is become healthy first, become wealthy first and become happy first before we can expect the associated external results to show up in our lives.

But if I have more… if I do more… “then I’ll be happy”  as my friends and I joke.

But at the same time, I see it. I see the need for constant growth and change and challenge but it seems to me that this mindset constantly teeters on the brink of self-destruction and must be finely balanced with a blissful appreciate for everything that is now.

How do you articulate this? The need to grow and go bigger and better but also the fact that you’re totally grateful and happy with what you have now? There is a phrase I came across recently called blissful dissatisfaction. I really like that phrase. It explains how I feel about life and health these days. Sure, I’m striving for more, I’m chasing huge goals this year, but I’m already happy. I’m already grateful and I’m already healthy.

This quote from Whitson Gordon comes to mind:

‘Perfection Is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More To Add, But When There Is Nothing Left To Take Away’

When it comes to health & wellbeing, there are certain cultures around the world who exemplify this philosophy perfectly, and over the next few months I’m off to experience first-hand how they live. I’ll be documenting the experience for you on YouTube and relating back with a film later this year.

In line with today’s blog, I’ll be getting in touch a lot less this year. Even though I’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up.

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