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You might have noticed that I’ve been very quiet on the blog. That’s because I’ve taken pretty much the whole of December and January off to re-evaluate and regenerate some momentum heading into 2018. It’s actually been a way more difficult thing to do than I thought because out of this downtime (with plenty of surfing thrown in) has come inevitable reflection on life and where I want to take it.

Enter my thought process below. 

A lot happened in 2017. I started off the year by moving to a beautiful little house in my dream town in Avalon Beach (Sydney). I kicked off the year work wise with The Gut Healing Summit which went out to tens of thousands of gut enthusiasts around the world. My book, The Gut Healing Protocol, was published in the USA and is now being sold around the country in Barnes & Noble, and I released my first documentary film, The Gut Movie to over 5000 people around Australia.

It was pretty surreal to hit so many of my goals in one year, but like any aspiring creative – it’s never enough. I always want to do more. It’s been a constant battle to try to appreciate and let soak in all that has happened throughout 2017, to try to be present in those special moments and not seek the future above all else. But that’s okay. Because acknowledging this, an excited ambition for the future, is the first step to controlling it and keeping it in its place. Using daily anchors such as meditation (which I took up this year), surfing (which I’ve done more than any other year of my life) and gym, there is ample time to experience present states of awareness throughout the day.

I’m a pretty standard Gen Y in that I have a pretty demanding attention span. If something isn’t exciting me anymore, I don’t want to do it. It’s always been that way. Ever since Year 12 when I would sit at the back of Maths class reading Wilbur Smith books instead of doing the activities on the whiteboard, I’ve always strived to listen to my soul and follow where it tells me to go (in that case, never, ever, ever the maths textbook).

Establishing any semblance of repetitive daily routine for me is incredibly difficult and probably out of the picture at this point. So this makes the idea of ‘work’ rather difficult to understand (this is probably why I had to hire a kick arse business manager who could get shit done while I galavant around the place).

So I guess what I am arriving at, in a rather round-about kind of way, is that the only way I can find any direction into the future is to ask myself the following question.

What excites me?

That’s when my soul speaks.

And I don’t mean literally like ‘Yo K-Pow lets do this I can feel my excitement-metre rising somewhat at this curious endeavour’ but rather I just feel intuitively which route is the best to take for me as an individual, not taking into consideration the plausibility of the idea from a business perspective, or societal expectation or moral opinion on said idea.

Example: sometimes I see movie trailers in the theatre and nearly wet myself thinking of how cool it would be on set for such a film. Body tingles,  heart rate increases, that glowy excited feeling you get when you come out of a really good tube (I’ve had a lot of that this year, too).

So the answers to this question (what excites me?) seem pretty clear to me, which is great, but they’re also quite nerve-wracking once reality and life settles in (it always does – no one can remain perpetually, immovably excited forever).

I’ve probably experienced more anxiety in 2017 than any other year in my life (note: this is a somewhat easy feat. when you consider my consistent lifestyle choices). I’ve come to terms with the fact that it is an inherent feeling with any creative endeavour which one plans to share with the world yet the fear of not creating is far scarier and unhealthy than a pinch of Himalayan Anxiety leading up to completion time on aforementioned endeavours.

So in saying that, I’ve decided I want to make 2018 my biggest year yet. For some insane reason I’m going to try to fit in more projects into this year than I ever have before, and I’m going to pursue a degree of excellence in creativity (not excellence in the mundane and unimportant i.e accounting) that I know I haven’t achieved yet.

Projects I’m starting this year.

1: The YouTube Channel

I’ve dabbled for a long time in the VLOG-SPHERE but now is the time to get serious. I’ve always been inspired by people like Casey Neistat who bring such a unique and fresh creative perspective into video production. With some fancy new toys under my belt this year, negotiating film distribution and book deals, and a 10 week stint in North Africa & Europe, I’ve got plenty of content to share. I would love for you to subscribe to my channel for the big release (link above)!

2: A New Gut Book

The depth which we couldn’t quite achieve in The Gut Movie (due to various creative & logistical factors) can be achieved in a book, and with various schpublishers harassing me for content, I’m going to write a fun, story based, comprehensive novel on the Gut & microbiome, and see which publisher best fits (if none do, I’ll self-publish again).

3: A New Documentary

Whether this new doco actually gets done this year, or is just planned, I don’t really mind. I’ve been wanting to delve into this new topic for a very long time and 2018 will definitely mark a transition for me. I won’t announce the topic here but it involves neuroscience. I have some big conversations coming up soon which will determine the fate/date of this project’s commencement and completion.

4: A Feature Film Script

This one is all on me. As some of you will know, I’ve been wanting to make/be in films my entire life, so the transition from documentaries to feature films will be hurried along by my writing the bloody thing rather than waiting for it. What’s the film about? I can tell you that it may involve surfing.

Smaller personal/health goals etc etc

1: Do more fishing (of sustainable species like Australian Salmon) & gathering so that I can establish a strong connection with my local ecology & food supply.

2: Get fitter & stronger. I’ve been training a bunch with Place Of Chi & Balanced Studio this year and plan to a whole lot more. I thought i’d call this project superhuman…. its a working title.

3: Buy a house or make some sort of investment because I’m told that’s what you’re meant to do… eheh – I do actually want to buy a house to diversify the portfolio a bit…

4: See my family more.

5: Venture into society a little more. I always find this difficult, much to my girlfriend’s dismay, but maybe heading into Sydney City to see some shows is a good start.

I’ve found that the goals which really speak to you individually, the ones that you constantly think about and visualise, are the ones most likely to succeed. I remember when I wanted a new car a few years ago (it was a big deal as it marked a point of self-employment success) I actually taped a picture of it to my old car’s speedometer (this isn’t really the safest goal setting method); within about 3 months I bought the car.

Dream boards are cheesy, but they help. I keep mine in my head – it’s all I think about anyway. And I’m in the weird position of being able to tell 10,000 people about it in this blog… 😐

How’s that for accountability?

Pressure’s on! I’m guna’ get to work…. eventually.

Much love,



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