10 Simple Recipes for Busy Parents – eBook (Download)


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10 Simple Recipes for Busy Parents Ebook

10 simple recipes for your kids AND you!
You’re so worth it.

I’m often fond of saying that the health of our children, the health of generation Y will literally determine the future of our world. And I know from personal experience that health leaders around the globe agree with me on this point.

Right now we are currently experiencing dismal health in Australia, and around the world. This is not due to a lack of accessibility to healthy foods, but merely due to a lack of awareness and poor legislation by our governing bodies.

But times are changing. They really are. I am so happy to write that there is a huge community of Australians, many of whom are young generation Ys, that is becoming aware of the nature of food and lifestyle and how both affect our health and wellbeing. I am so proud to be an ambassador for this community.

We have seen the shocking results which the ‘baby boomers’ have experienced with their health, and are steadfast in our intentions to avoid the same results in our own lives. We see that the choices we make when it comes to food and lifestyle literally determine whether we travel down the path to sickness and sadness, or to health and happiness.

But where does this all start? In the home. In the kitchen. In the loving environment where we are surrounded by those who we love and who love us in return.

It starts with the decision to start creating a healthy home and environment for your family to grow up in, and especially when it comes to children, the impact of this decision is monumental. As a young Australian, I believe the greatest gift you can give to your children is not a car, nor a phone or allowance, but a chance to live their lives with abundant health and to tackle life’s challenges with the solid foundation that is perfect health.

When I was 16 my body was severely out of balance, and as a result I was suffering from a serious heart condition. Conventional treatment methods suggested the only option was surgery – but luckily enough I chose not to have it. I chose instead to do my own research and as a result I was introduced to a healthier way of living and have never looked back.

I am so grateful and happy to be in a position to inspire and educate people in Australia about the role of food and lifestyle in our lives. As a wellness researcher and coach, my job is to find the best sources of quality health information, simplify it and pass it on to you in a way that is accessible, fun, and sustainable.

That’s what this book is about – in a very practical sense. I’ve incorporated into each recipe all the nutritional principles I live my own life by, and recommend others to live by. And I’ve ensured that taste is more than up to scratch!!

I’m very aware that most families choose their favourite 10-12 meals and repeat them throughout the week. And this isn’t such a bad thing – we need wellness to be sustainable and easy, because modern living leaves us with less time than is ideal. For ease of reference, those on an anti-fungal or anti-candida regimen will find the letters CF (candida friendly) alongside the appropriate recipes – and there will always be options to create CF versions out of the remaining recipes 🙂

The recipes you’ll find in this cook book are



Flexible for no sugar/paleo diets.

Lunch-box friendly.

Nutritionally Dense.

Sugar Free.

Dairy Free.

Gluten Free.

and Affordable.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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