Surf Video Analysis by Kale Brock


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Got footage of yourself surfing? Maybe at the wave pool or at your home break?

Get Kale to personally analyse your technique and provide concrete cues, examples, and guidance to progress in the surf.

After purchasing here, you’ll be contacted with instructions on how to provide us with the footage and an expectation on when your finished analysis should arrive (approx 2-7 days). Unless you give written permission for us to use the footage in Brock Creative Media content, we will not share your clips publicly.

“Focusing on those tips made a big difference in my ability to generate speed. It was crazy to see the difference between my speed when I tried them and when I didn’t. This has been a big game changer for me.”

– Josh

“Thanks so much – incredible video review and tips! Best advice I’ve ever had! I will get working on the surf skate and in the ocean asap.”