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Do you feel overwhelmed with the whole ‘gut health’ thing at the moment? We do, too. Sometimes, you don’t know who to listen to, which magazine or blog to trust & finally which foods to eat to look after yourself! It can be a nightmare.

The Gut Summit Online Access Program promises to clear away the confusion.

With an emphasis on comprehensive, entertaining & actionable information, The Gut Summit brings Australia’s greatest gut health experts together for an incredible online event to give you the real deal on every day gut health.

You might have heard the following facts:

Did you know that around 80% of your immune system relies on the functions of your gut?

Did you know that most health conditions are at least in some part contributed to by the actions of the digestive system?

If you or someone in your family is experiencing a health condition, chances are they may have an issue with their gut.

THE GUT SUMMIT will be the event where these facts are turned into actionable tools for you to apply everyday to better look after your gut health! We want to empower you to be totally on top of what goes on in your digestive system so that you can move on with the things you actually have to do in life!

The details, my dear friends, continue.

This is not an event where a group of experts hop on stage and go super deep into scientific, technical information that falls into the category of ‘kind of interesting but not that helpful’.

Sure, we’ll talk about the science, because it’s important, but what’s more important is how that science relates to you.

That’s why in The Gut Summit, our emphasis is on keeping it real.

Our guarantee is that you’ll walk away with new perspectives on the gut, and new ideas, which you can action at home, about health & wellness.

Our expert speakers will cover topics such as

Children’s gut health; from birth to teenager

The Gut Brain Connection and its implications on mental health

Ancestral diets & their impact on the microbiome

Microbiome analysis & testing methods

Women’s hormones & gut health

Autoimmunity & allergies

& more!

The Gut Summit Online Access Program is a lifetime pass to access all of our speaker’s presentations, filmed LIVE in person at our Gut Summit events PLUS an all-access ticket to discover intimate discussions about gut health with our experts which will not be available anywhere else!! 

Expert speakers include

Dr. Andrea Huddleston
Dr. Damian Kristof
Dr. Peter Dingle
Dr. Margie Smith
Helen Padarin, ND
John Ellerman, BSc
Dr. Pia Winberg
Scott Gooding
Olivia Kaplan
Louise Macartney
& more! 

Gut Summit Online Access Program Highlight: “Gut health practitioner round table.”
Become a fly on the wall as we open the floodgates on discussion surrounding controversial topics on the microbiome such as microbiome testing, medications, anti-fungals, faecal microbiota transplantation & more!

*Delivery of full online program March 2019. Purchase is non-refundable. 



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