Recommended Products

The Gut Healing Protocol Supplement Pack.

Containing the ultimate probiotic formula and the incredibly powerful bovine colostrum powder, this combo pack will enhance your GHP experience significantly!

Nice Life The Gut Health Store.

Specialising in functional nutritional supplements and probiotics, Nice Life has been helping Australians thrive since 2011. From colostrum, super synbiotics, books & more, Nice Life has you covered!

Gut Microbiome Testing & Coaching Package.

PranaThrive are offering a comprehensive microbiome testing analysis utilising SmartDNA’s incredible genetic sequencing technology (featured in The Gut Movie)

Zazen Water Filters. 

You’re 70% water, so optimising hydration is an incredibly important part of staying well. I love Zazen water filters. Check ’em out! (use the coupon code kbg15 to save big on your order!)

Stoop Toilet Stools.

People don’t talk about poo much, but doing good poos every day means good health every day! Stoop toilet stools help maximise your bowel movement efficiency – now that’s a sales pitch! 

Mojo Beverages.

Australia’s leading producer of probiotic drinks, and the only commercial kombucha with a scientifically-proven probiotic – that’s 1 billion organisms of gut-loving goodness in every bottle!

GoodGuts Probiotic Tea.

The next generation of probiotics for gut health has arrived in Australia – goodguts Probiotic Tea. A functional beverage made in Australia – a real cup of tea with a smart probiotic.

Recommended Practitioners

Kasey Willson, ND – Adelaide, AUS

Dr Damian Kristof – Melbourne, AUS

SmartDNA – Melbourne, AUS

Steph Lowe – Melbourne, AUS

Dr Andrea Huddleston – Perth, AUS

Dr Thomas Borody – Sydney, AUS

Helen Padarin – Sydney, AUS

Jarrah Eddy – Central Coast, NSW (AUS)

Discount Codes for my favourite online stores

Nice Life Gut Health – BROCCOLI – 10% off.

Forage Cereal  – BROCCOLI – 10% off.

Modere – 630281 – $10 off.

Baxter Blue Eyewear – BROCCOLI – Free express shipping.

Zazen Water – KBG15 – 20% off.

Hilbilby Fire Tonic – BROCCOLI – 10% off.

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