SVT; What I Did


The writing on this page is for informational purposes only & should not be taken as medical advice or testimonials for certain diets or products. If you are sick please contract the advice of a qualified, integrated health practitioner. This is only my experience. 

The Diet 

Paleo Style

Focusing on micronutrient intake from herbs & greens – lots of salad material – increase magnesium

Low natural sugars & moderate animal protein to balance blood sugar

Water intake optimised to .033mls per kg of bodyweight plus additional for exercise.


The Supplements I Used  – exactly 

Note: I am now an affiliate of the company & earn a small commission from orders. 

Minerals & Trace Elements – 10mls twice per day

Probiotics – 1 dual sachet every night for 2 weeks followed by 1 dual sachet every second night

Antioxidant with CoQ10 – 1-2 in the evening before bed

Heart Health with Mg, Hawthorn & Garlic  – 1 in morning & 1 at night


I took all 4 of these for 6 months & now take maintenance supplements outlined in The Gut Healing Protocol.