This one is a groundbreaker.

The most important, poignant, informative interview I’ve ever done on the podcast.

John Ellerman, a microbiologist out of Sydney, has pioneered the area of probiotic research. John led a group of CSIRO researchers (which cost the Aussie tax payer $8mil) in an exciting journey into boosting probiotic cultures with specific pre-biotic starches.

What resulted with this research was the development of a formula of probiotic that has now changed the lives of thousands of people around Australia. In fact its been touted by numerous health professionals, such as immunologist Prof Clancy from the Centre of Digestive Diseases, as the greatest probiotic on the market worldwide.

Despite John’s somewhat straightforward, scientific delivery, this new area of super synbiotics & therapeutic doses of bacteria is incredibly exciting stuff.

It’s funny I’ve used John’s probiotic formula for the last 8 years or so and it’s really only now that I actually appreciate the profound science behind it. I knew it worked extremely well. I just didn’t realise how much went into it.

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