Launching 31.08.2018

Like news but better. Award nominated writer Kale Brock, who’s credits also include Filmmaker (The Gut Movie, 2017) & TV Presenter (Network Ten, BCM), shares the latest news in the health space with special guests from all over the globe. Filmed & recorded in studio in Sydney, Australia, Brock’s sharp analysis & quick, self-deprecating wit will shift your perspective faster than a magnesium oxide bowel flush.

Sitting loosely in the ‘Fitness & Nutrition” category on iTunes & YouTube, The B Roast (as it’s called) will analyse society & culture on a weekly basis in a way that’s as refreshing as a cucumber enema (enough with the colon references?).

Regular special guests add their expertise on each week’s news announcements & listeners are asked to submit their questions for the show over at

Other interesting segments of the show include

Weird things which have become popular
Humble Warrior – the pursuits of a modern healthy man*
& more.

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