What the hell is The Broccoli Roast? In this introductory episode of my new show, I give you the run down on what to expect in regards to formatting, level of weirdness, your interaction, how to listen in, where to watch and more. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of the upcoming eps including:

– Study shows your devices may cause you to go blind w’ Aaron from Baxter Blue
– The most sustainable, gut healthy, affordable food ever w’ Dr. Pia Winberg
– Depression is caused by inflammation w’ nutritionist Liv Kaplan
– Exercise & gut health (new study) w’ Steph The Natural Nutritionist
– Crossfit makes you fat & tired w’ Nic Laidlaw from Balanced Studio
– Important news updates & more

Enjoy below on YouTube (video), or listen on your favourite podcasting app iTunes (apple podcasts), Anchor or Spotify.

Guys, if you can do me one huge favour I will be forever grateful (i already am). Please share this with your friends. I really want this to be the number one online chit chat show, brought to you in a completely different tone than the norm.



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